Merry and Bright!

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Looking forward to the new year and all that it promises!

Dressing Up for the Holidays

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Hello, Hello! It’s been a while since my last post. But, there is good reason! In mid-2014, PaperCuts is moving to a new home at Now, for getting into the holiday spirit — here is a fun craft idea. I normally don’t agree to sponsored posts, but this craft idea is perfect for the season.

Keep the Christmas theme flowing throughout your house with a festive wine bottle cover
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This Christmas, nothing would be better than sitting down with your family for your annual {Christmas} feast, gathered around the roast, and cracking open the perfect bottle of wine saved just for that occasion. But while many of us spend hours upon hours decorating our houses to fit the season, bring out the special silverware, and even pick out holiday napkins, we often miss out on decorating something that could top off your Yuletide celebrations. That perfect bottle of wine you’re serving for your guests may seem classy enough on its own, but nothing is stopping you from taking that bottle and dressing it up in something festive.

Wine has been a staple in our holiday traditions for centuries. Wine is a celebrated drink for all occasions, and we stop at nothing to glorify it. The {University of Pennsylvania} featured wine in an exhibit in their museum, and recently, {Chris Murphy}, wine buyer for <a href=”“>M&S</a>, hosted a special event to commemorate the history of this classic beverage, where people could taste many different kinds of wine that were served throughout the ages.
There is an excellent chance that you’ll find one sitting at your table. Wine is often a go-to gift for special occasions, as everyone loves a celebratory drink. This Christmas, make sure your wine bottles spread the holiday spirit with a Christmas Wine Bottle Cover. This great craft from {All Free Christmas Crafts} makes for a reusable wine bottle cover that you can bring out for the holidays, or for gift-wrapping wine bottles.

For this craft, you’ll need the following:

  • A fabric or wrapping paper of your choice, and matching ribbons
  • A bottle of wine (of course!)
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • An iron and ironing board
  • Chalk or fabric marker, or a pencil

To create your wine bottle cover, follow these instructions:

  1. Measure your wine bottle. Most wine bottles are 9.5”-10” in circumference, and 12” tall, with a 3” diameter. These instructions are written for wine bottles of this size, so adjust accordingly if you’re working with a different-sized bottle.
  2. Cut your fabric: cut one circular piece with a 4” diameter, and a rectangular piece 12” wide and 13” tall. It’s important to give yourself some allowance, as some parts of the fabric/paper will overlap when you sew/tape them.
  3. Finish the top edge. Using the iron, press on the side that is 12” wide. Measure and fold 0.25” and iron the fabric, then 0.25” again. Top stitch in place. After this step, the rectangular fabric should measure 12” X 13”.
  4. Sew the sides of the fabric together on the side that’s 13” long, giving yourself 0.5” of seam allowance.
  5. Sew the bottom. With right sides together, pin in place the circular bottom fabric to the bottom of the wine bottle cover. Turn inside out so that the right side is now visible.

There you have it! Now all that’s left is to insert your wine bottle and tie the whole thing off with a ribbon.

— Additional Instructions —

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{Spotted} Feterie in Working Mother Magazine

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We’re so excited that Working Mother Magazine featured our Trellis glass paperweight in their online article, “Spruce Up Your Space” — it’s all about having a stylish office space! Shop and get your very own Trellis paperweight here: 

2012 PaperCuts Blog Survey

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It’s hard to imagine, but the PaperCuts blog will turn 5 years-old this mid-October!  — Woohoo! From it’s humble beginning in late 2007 hosted on Typepad through the renaming of the blog title to it’s current home as part of the Feterie site in late 2008, I never thought that this little ‘ol blog would evolve, gain readership as it has, and become a growing brand of it’s own over the years.

I have big exciting plans for the blog as it’s getting ready to leave the nest (so to speak). But first, I’d love some feedback from all of you about what you like (and don’t like) so far. Would you please help me out and take a moment to answer this quick survey? It will only take 5-10 minutes. I’d greatly appreciate it.

Finally, thank so much for all of you who have been readers from the very beginning and recently become new ones! I can’t wait to share the new home of the Papercuts blog with you.



{Freebies & Goodies} Pull Apart Garlic Bread

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If you follow my tweets, you know I love to bake and cook because to me it’s such a therapeutic activity. This great (great as in easy and fast) recipe from Melissa Riani for pull apart garlic bread is awesome! I recently made it for my son (the pickiest eater in the world) and he approved! It’s also great with marinara sauce as a dip for a snack.

Melissa was kind enough to give me permission to make it available as a printable recipe card complete free to download and for your personal use (modified from one of our personalized recipe cards). You can download the recipe card (shown above) by clicking here.

Another bit of news to share, I am excited to share that Melissa will be a regular contributor to the PaperCuts blog. She recently answered my Call for Guest Bloggers and I couldn’t be more pleased. So, you can look forward to more goodies from her in the very near future! Meanwhile, follow Melissa on Twitter (she’s the genius behind Crate&Barrel’s Geneva store’s blog).


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