{French Friday} Que Certains Nuance de Bleu

I stumbled across a wonderful new blog (well, new to me!) by Nichole, who is an American copywriter living in Paris and her post about that certain shade of blue that you can find on many Parisian street doors.  In Paris, there are street doors that opens to the inner courtyard of the building or […]

{PhotoStyling} Roddy & Ginger

Love the top lifestyle image of the bags with baguette and tops of leafy vegetables peeking out from one of them. The chalkboard background for the smaller images below it is a smart solution to photographing a slight color product — onto a darker color for contrast! Now, the chalkboard makes me want to find […]

{Font Crush} There are flings…

That’s how I feel about La Portenia — we are having a great love affair! When I first laid eyes on this beauty last year, I was immediately, completely, and exuberantly smitten. Just smitten! From the lovely letter “g” (both upper and lowercase!) to the letter “d” and every curve in between‚ I am in love and […]

{Colors & Patterns} Completely Puzzeled

When you have a child who loves to spread his toys all around his play area, it’s hard not to miss it (or step on it). I caught a glimpse of these puzzle pieces piled in all sort of directions and they completely fascinated me. Some may see it as a mundane mess, but when […]

{Fun!} Love List: Places I Love To Be

The lovely Melissa of OperationNICE fame posted a new assignment last Monday and I just had to do it — besides, I think it’s time I jump back into the groove of doing one again! This time, the assignment is to list places that you love or hold a special place in your heart. So, […]

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