{Giveaway} Shinetastic!

Happy Wednesday! We’re completely, deeply, utterly thrilled to be included in The Bright Side Project’s mission of instant sunshine!  What is The Bright Side Project, you ask? Their mission is to spread good ol’ fashion optimism among the doom & gloom that we’re all hearing about the current financial issues. Everyday (yes, every single day!), the BSP […]

{Typophile} Type, oh Type!

My other friend Jules #1 knows me so well — she spotted this little lovely number (the ampersand cufflinks) and immediately shared it with me!  Then I browsed the Veer site further and spotted this little lovely of a coaster. Sites like these are dangerous — I am so tempted to get get them both, […]

{News & Events} Dressing Up Your Digital Life

That’s right, your digital life! We opened a new idea of a shop called Digitally Yours — digital files for your iPhones (the wonder gadget of choice!) and your crafty self. Born of a new-found lovefest for our shiny new iPhones, we created a fun shop of wallpaper for your wonder gadget and printable stationery […]

{Green Goodness} Happy Earth Day!

Today is devoted to all things for advancing the mission of making the Earth happy and healthy again — but I think it shouldn’t be just this one day. I became aware of earth Day almost 20 years ago and to this day I still believe that it should be every single day — recycle, […]

{Colors & Patterns} The Color of Speed?

Sometimes, an unintentional mishap can result in a happy accident that inspires. In this case, it’s an attempt to capture my ever active pre-schooler flying by on his new skates that I captured this wonderful painting-like flow of color. If there is ever a color that can be assigned to represent the word, “speed”, may […]

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