{Sneak Peek} New Shop!

Hello, hello! Memorial Day weekend came and went super fast here in the U.S.! We took an extended weekend and though it’s very unheard of for me to take that many days off in a row, it was much needed! If you follow me on Twitter, among other things that we’re dipped in…you know that […]

{Typophile} Letters & Numbers — Obsessed Much?

It’s no secret that I loathe numbers, as in crunching them. Now, looking at them — well, that is something I can do for hours on end if it’s the right typeface with the right application. My continue typophile “condition” has brought me to the attention of these fabulous scarves from Little Factory — a find that […]

{Sweet Lovelies} That Wanderlust Spirit

Perhaps it’s my wanderlust spirit kicking up again, but I’ve been having fascinations of all things related to maps, vintage or modern. I love looking at them, imagining the journey from one destination to another. Other times, I love studying the patterns that they create — some organized and some seem to not have a […]

{Giveaway} The Bright Side Winner!

Happy Monday! I have a little post-Mother’s Day good news to share. There is no better feeling than giving and making someone wildly happy while doing so. Remember The Bright Side Project and the giveaway that we were doing with the fabulous ambassadors of sunshine a couple of weeks ago? We posed this question at […]

{Packaged Goodness} Sunshine In a Jar

Earlier this week, I blogged about my adventure in making and canning Lemon Curd – the result of a years-long obsession. I guess you can consider this post the end of a process because those naked jars needed some sweet labels to identify what’s inside (and most importantly, when it was made and by whom). […]

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