{Color Obsession} Aqua Flavored

Playing with colors and pairing them in unexpected ways is something I tend to do on a daily basis — often times it is because I need to freshen up patterns with new colorways, but often times it is because I do it our of pure enjoyment for the pure fact of just seeing the […]

{Packaged Goodness} How Sweet It Is

Mondays are usually hurried as I get my bearings from the usual busy weekend. But these sweet little cupcake keepsake boxes from Viv & Ingrid stopped me in my tracks for a moment because they are just so darn cute! I’m completely smitten! Viv & Ingrid makes it so incredibly easy to gift their lovely bijoux (or treat yourself). […]

{Inspiration Moment} Knock, Knock!

I’ve been a little obsessed about doors lately, particular front doors! Luckily for me, all it took was a little skip, hop and jump over to Flickr to find some to satisfy my curiosity. However, instead it further fueled my obsession and I ended up finding a myriad of doors in various shapes, styles and colors. I […]

{Passing Time} It’s In The Writing

As a designer, I have that “Art Director” writing that I’ve developed over the years. If you’re a designer, you may know what I am talking about — you know, the one with all caps much like many of those found in architecture blueprints. Over the years, I’ve managed to perfect that way of writing. […]

{Wedding} Petite Personality Blooms

What a refreshing (and fun!) alternative to the traditional boutonniere! I happened upon these bespoke boutonniere by San Francisco floral designer Erin Rosenow, thanks to d*s. I have to say, I absolutely love the one with the guitar picks! It’s perfect for the rocker groom to show a fun side of his personality on the big day. […]

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