{Musings} Happy Halloween!

Have a safe and fun Halloween everyone!

{Sweet Lovelies} Up, Up & Away!

I love posters, the bigger… the better. I discovered these poster designs from oddhero by way of Jules, who once again knew exactly what I love (and don’t love). Besides from being rendered in the über modern style tend to gravitate to, I love that these three designs have something to do with some sort […]

{Sneak Peeks} Visions of Dancing Colors & Patterns

When you’ve been working on a project and can’t reveal anything until the ideas have been baked and ready for the world to see, it’s a bit hard to keep all the glee and excitement inside without bursting. So, I’m going to compromise and share glimpse of what has been dancing in my pretty little […]

{In The Shop} Holiday Card Pre-Sale Extended

Are you ready for the holidays? We’re here to help! How? We’re extending the Holiday Card pre-sale until November 15th! That’s another month to decide on the design you want this year and one less headache when the holidays roll around. If you are a Feterie fan on Facebook, there’s a sweet little treat just […]

{Typophile} Wood & Type? Be Still My Heart!

My friend, Jules #2, knows me so well. Whenever she spots a new find that she knows would make my heart go a-flutter, she sends a little teaser my way. Case in point, this fabulous typography wood wall art by PepperSprouts. All the classic sans serifs in one place  (well, except I would replace Verdana […]

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