{Sweet Lovelies} Book It!

These cool book jackets from Book City Jackets sure brings back memories. I remember the days in middle school where I used to cover my textbooks and doodled all over it. That was probably the start of my obsessive mission to cover the world (starting with my textbooks) in patterns, colors and all things cool — […]

{Photostyling Thursday} drika.b

It’s been a while since I have shared a product photo that I admire for it’s styling. So, it’s rather exciting that I share this beautiful shot from drika.b. I love every detail of it… the white-on-white flower/coat ensemble, the model’s pose, the zebra-stripe flats and of course, the lovely tote itself. The juxtaposition of […]

{Retailer Spotlight} Paper & Chocolate

We’re thrilled to add Paper & Chocolate to the Feterie family! In addition to some decadent chocolates, you’ll also find our wraps there as well! So, if you are in Dallas, Texas — come on down and see our wraps in person!

{Colors & Patterns} Crown of Colors

I’ve discovered a new blog (well, new to me at least) – Let’s Colour Project. Then I saw these beautiful images of color drops, I became completely mesmerized. Each time I return to each image, I find another detail that I didn’t catch earlier. Such as thinking that they look like little crowns of inter-mingled […]

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