Pin It Forward :: What Home Means To Me

I’m honored and excited to be participating in Pin It Forward, a blogger mashup lead by sfgirlbybay. Everyday one blogger from each of the ten groups of participants will write about the theme of Home. I’m following Tulips & Flight Suits who posted yesterday and passing it on to Style Curator who will post tomorrow. So, what does home […]

{News & Events} Ladies & Gents… Step Right Up!

For the next couple of weeks, every day (well, except the weekends and the upcoming extended 4th of July weekend) we’re participating in a Paper Carnival — where you can discover fabulous paper, embellishments, envelopes, and more from some equally fabulous fellow stationers. As I have tweeted many times, we stationers don’t skimp on quality and […]

{Inspiration Moment} Ride on!

One of my fondest childhood memories was riding coin-operated animal rides found outside neighborhood grocery stores or markets. Remember those? It’s amazing how something so simple as these rides and a dime (or couple quarters these days) could make a kid’s day. I love, love these amazing images by Julian Hibbard, who documented coin-operated rides on […]

{Color Obsession} Naturally Colored

I caught a glimpse of these images from the luxirare blog and was immediately smitten! While I love the end product that these different ingredients were a part of, what I love more is seeing the different food products that have natural food colorings already in them. Such vibrant colors from the simplest and most mundane […]

{Packaged Goodness} Lollia

Truth be told, I am a sucker for gorgeous packaging.  I’m a bigger sucker for cohesive branding as well. So, imagine my giddiness when I discovered Lollia and their impeccable packaging. Swoon! I absolutely love how each scent has it’s own look, which is then extended across all products from that scent. I’m smitten (and […]

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