{Musing} Mangled Keys and All

When I first read on Mashable about the last manufacturing facility in India closing up it’s production line of the typewriter, my heart sank a little and made me wistful to play with one again. As a child, I had a little manual typewriter with a cute robin’s egg carrying case and black handles — all […]

{Wedding} Burst of Sunshine

I don’t post often enough about the custom design work we do for our Atelier clients as some are quite extremely private affairs (and sometimes, we’re even sworn to secrecy!). However, I can share with you this wonderful Beverly Hills wedding for a lovely couple as their one-year anniversary approaches this weekend. Held at the […]

{It’s All Business} Online Wholesale Catalog!

It’s been a lot of work, which is why I am so excited to share with you our online wholesale catalog! If you’ve got a fabulous online shop or a brick & mortar boutique, please send email sales {at} feterie.com for an access code to the catalog. Meanwhile, here is a spiffy new slide show […]

{Typophile} Memoriam

I am currently crushing on this typeface. Besides the obsession with slab serifs, I can be found swooning over beautifully crafted script typefaces. This, ladies and gents, is called Memoriam. Cheer,  

{Musings} Pause

It’s been another whirlwind couple of weeks of constant designing, product developing, editing, marketing (trunkt), and selling (new lunchbox designs!). As the creative force behind Feterie, there’s constantly many things that needs to be taken care of and in my design practice, there’s always market windows, creative briefs & client deadlines to be met. Immersed […]

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