{French Friday} Lovely Labels

I’m thrilled to have a guest post today from Julie Garcia. Julie is a fellow designer and Francophile who is a contributor to Simon+Kabuki’s lifestyle blog, Designer Droppings. We have many things in common — including surviving the same rigorous design school program, have a love for all things type-related and both our spouses happen to be […]

{Typophile} Thicks, Thins and Flourishes

If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll notice that I have a board devoted to typography, one of my passions. While I’m a modern gal at heart I do love a retro flavor once in a while, such as these type examples that shows the thicks & thins of a classic typeface and the hand-lettered […]

{Freebies & Goodies} Russian Tea Cakes

Although my love affair with coffee is neverending, sometimes I do favor a good strong cuppa — especially if it’s accompanied with some delicious sweets, such as these Russian Tea Cakes. Adapted from a recipe I found here, I made some slight modifications (such as using almonds instead of walnuts and changing the mixing order […]

{Packaged Goodness} Honey & Mackie’s

One of the things that I am passionate about is branding and packaging. It’s sweet when these two things work so well together, hand-in-hand, glove and hand — you get the idea. So, when I posted this gorgeous branding woven into the packaging a while ago, I was swooned by how effortless it is. Coordinated, […]

{Fun} Good Enough To Eat

{Image via The Funky Lunch Gallery} The life of a designer/mom is never boring! This school year has been a bit of a challenge being the mother of a grade schooler. I am on a quest to make daily lunch meals that I pack for Little Feterie so good looking that he’ll come home from […]

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