{Musings} Just Breathe…

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend! Every once in a while a pause in the daily routine is much needed to appreciate the positives rather than the negatives. This photo of the San Francisco Bay was taken while I was gallivanting in the city today. Something tells me it may just manifest itself into some […]

{Sweet Lovelies} Splish, Splash

  In the San Francisco Bay Area, the autumn season involves rain — lots and lots of it. So, an umbrella becomes a part of your go-to accessories for the season. However, the selection for cool looking umbrellas is far and few in between — that is until I laid eyes on these delightful designer […]

{Typophile} Et

Ampersands, perhaps the most overlook yet the most romantic glyphs of all. In the spirit of the Columbus Day theme of discoveries, I’m sharing one of my newest (though bittersweet) discoveries — a cool tumblr website that chronicled a cool new ampersand everyday for one year. Bittersweet because it is no longer updated, but lovely in […]

{Retailer Spotlight} deYoung Museum Store

When October hits, the jingle bells of the holiday season becomes louder and this is the start of our crunch time prepping for the holidays. This year, we’ve been busy the last few months packaging, packing and shipping holiday cards to our new retailers. I am beyond delighted that our holiday cards will be carried […]

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