{It’s All Business} Looking Back, Looking Forward

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Each time that I approach the junction of an old year ending as a new one begin, I am reminded of how far we’ve come and how much more to look forward to. What a year it’s been — 2011 has been one of amazing growth, connections and exposure!


  • I’m humbled and honored by all the awesome press mentions and gift guide features this year, including our very first television feature! It truly gives me the butterflies knowing that we’re on the right growth path for Feterie.
  • We welcomed several new retail partners into the Feterie family and I could not be more happier!
  • Our new products for the kids market resonated very well with parents and aunties domestically and internationally. So, watch out for an expansion of these popular lines.
  • We made it easier to review and keep track of proofs with a new proofing site for personalized orders. If you had the opportunity to use it, what did you think?
  • Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, I’ve discovered kindred spirits (such as Elizabeth and Melissa!) and friends that I would not have had the chance to connect with the old-fashion way.
  • We expanded our operations and are now shipping from new 2 fulfillment centers, one on the West Coast and East Coast. Of course, this growth hasn’t been without some growing pains and you’ve all have been great rolling with it.
LOOKING FORWARD into 2012, I am excited to some new exciting developments, including:
  • Returning Feterie to its artisanal roots, all with a tailored approach. What does that mean? The online boutique will exclusively carry personalized products and with it comes a plethora of new products that we’ll be launching in 2012.
  • The Sweet Deals on our Facebook page will become even sweeter! These deals will not be offered anywhere else (not even in our main shop). Think of it as your one and only source for deals on select Feterie products that you love without all the 3rd party hassles, offered directly from us.
  • As the Feterie suggests, celebrating is a big part of our philosophy and you’ll be seeing a renewed commitment to products, services, and programs to help you celebrate the precious little moments, big events of your life and everything in between!
  • Giving the PaperCuts blog a little more focus, tweaking the format, and welcoming more contributors and guest posts. I’ll be looking for your feedback on the changes as well.
  • We’ll be working to grow beyond the initial phase of the Fundraising Program launched in 2011 as part of our Giving Back efforts and will look to you to help us spread the word about it. The more you shop with us, the more deserving non-profits will benefit.
  • I’ll be able to reveal some of the exciting collaborations and partnerships that we’ve been working on in the studio. It will open a wonder chest of fun! (Wink, wink!)
  • A new year also comes with the fun opportunity of a little nip/tuck for the shop. Make sure that you’re a fan of our Facebook page so you can follow along!
  • To connect with more of you on Twitter Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and our Google+ page. Don’t forget to also follow us for inspiration, exclusive glimpses, and Feterie news, too!

Thank you so much for all of your support to making Feterie flourish! This is just the start of an amazing new year and who knows what else is in store to make in a stellar year?


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