{Passing Time} Pleasing to the Eyes

Source: ffffound.com via Andrea on Pinterest   Lately, I’ve become a little obsessed about vignettes — mentally capturing little snapshots in my head and savoring the delightful story woven into each image. Now, there’s a board of vignettes that I have just started of little vignettes that I’ve found online as well. Come visit the […]

{Colors & Patterns} Plenty of Patterns and Prints

One of the newest trends this Spring season: Printed denim! It’s gotten me all excited about what that means — many possibilities and opportunities over at The Curious Canopy. I’m not talking about the acid wash, airbrush kind of decades past. These are vibrant, eclectic and bold patterns wrapping around your shape! Will you be […]

{Sweet Lovelies} Dropp It!

Your eyes are not deceiving you, this is not a macro image of a milk dropplet. In fact, they’re fruit bowls, which an appropriate name for Dropp! Fruit Bowls designed by Niels Römer. What a fantastic idea to challenge the conventional thinking of what a bowl should look like. I love that each bowl (yes, there […]

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