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headshot avatar Paper Cuts is an online journal of all things inspiring by and things that I covet. As a seasoned freelance designer and art director living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve developed an eye and taste for good design over the years. Several years ago, I launched Feterie, a stationery design business that was born from a personal passion for all things paper and design.

As a design entrepreneur, I have the chance to translate my design sensibility into products on paper, gift lovelies and (soon!) fabric. PaperCuts is also an on-going chronicle about building the Feterie brand — where you’ll find news about the latest press sighting of Feterie products, challenges and goals.

Besides blogging here, I’m also a contributor on The Stationery Guides, a blog about all things stationery from leading stationery designers. You can also find Feterie online elsewhere via Facebook (be our friend!), trunkt, follow us on Twitter for Feterie Shop News or follow me (Cathe)!

I hope you’ll enjoy following my regular musings on all things that catches my eye, fascinates or stirs my curiosity. If you have a question, don’t be shy! Please drop me a note!


P.S. Here’s a little peek if you you are curious about me: I’m a Francophile (hence the many French-related posts you’ll find in this blog and why I’ll try to return to Paris as often as I can). If I had to choose between silver or gold, silver will always win. I love French pastries (croissants and palmiers rocks!), gourmet cupcakes, a dark French roast with crème and 4 cubes of sugar (I like my coffee strong, creamy and sweet!). Finally, I love creating patterns (but then you can probably guess that little tidbit based on some of the Feterie products).

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