{Colors & Patterns} Money, Money, Money!

I’ve been a little obsessed lately – again. Did the title for this post give it away? Sure, I love receiving money (who doesn’t, right?), but I love looking at the intricate patterns of paper currency as well. While the functional aspect of these patterns are required for security reasons, the resulting delicate balance of […]

{Collecting} My Stash of Floaty Pens

I love collecting things. So, after a chat with my friend Jules #2 (trust me, it’s a long story) some time ago, I decided to share one of the things that I collect – floaty pens. You know, those novelty pens that can be found in every touristy spots and airport shops all around the world? […]

{Packaged Goodness} It’s In The Eye of The Beholder

I’ve held onto this can for a long time and it possibly may be about 10 years-old!  It has been sitting, waiting patiently on one of the shelves in my office just waiting to be shared. The warm Spring-like weather in the SF Bay Area lately has been nothing short of spectacular. With the warm […]

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