{Color Obsession} It’s Quite Charming

One of the great things about Spring cleaning is finding treasures that you have forgotten or thought had been lost. I found a photo during a previous trip to France and knew exactly why I had kept it. Taken in a little town called Amboise in the Loire Valley, the photo of the shops were […]

{Color Obsession} Blast of Color

If you follow me on Pinterest, then you may have seen this image (above) several times and in my own Color Obsessed board. I am constantly amazed at the mesmerizing color pairings found in nature and this bird image is no exception at all. Who would have thought that a bright pink paired with a […]

{Colors Obsession} Pantone Heaven, Part Deux

Every since my discovery of Pinterest, I’ve been discovering such amazing finds. One of them was 2d studio’s pin board called Pantone Pasta when she pinned our ABC123 lunchbox to her quite addicting Lettervermicelli board. Seriously, how can I not be curious about a board with a name like Pantone Pasta? In my version of […]

{Color Obsession} Breathtaking!

You may think this breathtaking image of the Tempest chandeliers from Zia-Priven has only one color, but that’s not so. There are about a dozen shades of warm gray in the luminosity and clarity of the glass bulbs. Inspiring.

{Passing Time} Playing Around

I’ve been playing around lately with the digital photography on my iPhone 3G (Yes, my iPhone!) using this cool Hipsomatic app. All of the sudden, I started to regret tossing my Holga and Diana cameras away in frustration… Or do I really regret it? Because this neat-o camera app has all the coolness of the results […]

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