{Typophile} Memoriam

I am currently crushing on this typeface. Besides the obsession with slab serifs, I can be found swooning over beautifully crafted script typefaces. This, ladies and gents, is called Memoriam. Cheer,  

{Typophile} Existence

Oh, happy day! Somehow, I had overlooked or forgotten that this lovely typeface (Existence) existed in my font collection. I love the unicase style, the lightness of the strokes and have to admit that rediscovering this font again has put an extra bounce in my giddiness when I see it in use.

{Font Crush} There are flings…

That’s how I feel about La Portenia — we are having a great love affair! When I first laid eyes on this beauty last year, I was immediately, completely, and exuberantly smitten. Just smitten! From the lovely letter “g” (both upper and lowercase!) to the letter “d” and every curve in between‚ I am in love and […]

{Font Crush} I’m Just Plain Giddy

Seriously, that was exactly what raced through my mind (as my heart was about to jump out of my chest) when I saw these fonts from exlibris. I must admit, I haven’t been this excited about typefaces since I discovered how wonderfully Filosofia and Scala Sans were fabulously perfect for each other (hence why I “married” those two typefaces and made them a prominent part of the Feterie branding).

{Font Crush} Compendium

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