{Inspiration Moment} Point The Way!

Pencils. Colored one. Sharp ones. I have a thing for freshly sharpened pencils. {Top image from Rafael Lavenère.}

{Inspiration Moment} Ride on!

One of my fondest childhood memories was riding coin-operated animal rides found outside neighborhood grocery stores or markets. Remember those? It’s amazing how something so simple as these rides and a dime (or couple quarters these days) could make a kid’s day. I love, love these amazing images by Julian Hibbard, who documented coin-operated rides on […]

{Colors & Patterns} Money, Money, Money!

I’ve been a little obsessed lately – again. Did the title for this post give it away? Sure, I love receiving money (who doesn’t, right?), but I love looking at the intricate patterns of paper currency as well. While the functional aspect of these patterns are required for security reasons, the resulting delicate balance of […]

{Color Obssesion} Gold-Gilded Guilty

Guilty as charged! I have never been a gold-loving kind of gal because cool silver has always caught my eyes, but lately I have been drawn to the gilded look of gold paired with bright colors. Perhaps it could be that I came across some photos that I took of a storefront sign that had […]

{Inspiration Moment} Leah Pellegrini

I’ve been a fan of Leah Pellegrini‘s work for some time, way before I had a blog to tell the whole world about her. Well, now that I am a blogging gal I can finally tell everyone (well, those that read this little blog here) about her fabulous glass mobile! They are so colorful and […]

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