{It’s All Business} Looking Back, Looking Forward

Each time that I approach the junction of an old year ending as a new one begin, I am reminded of how far we’ve come and how much more to look forward to. What a year it’s been — 2011 has been one of amazing growth, connections and exposure! LOOKING BACK to 2011… I’m humbled and […]

{Musings} Just Breathe…

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend! Every once in a while a pause in the daily routine is much needed to appreciate the positives rather than the negatives. This photo of the San Francisco Bay was taken while I was gallivanting in the city today. Something tells me it may just manifest itself into some […]

{Musings} Happy Bastille Day!

It’s time to whip out the blue, white and red! Celebrating a national French holiday with a feast for the eyesfrom this side of the world. A glimpse of what makes me fall in love with France and it’s culture. Amboise and Chateau d’Amboise :: One of my favorite towns in the majestic Loire Valley […]

{Musings} Tickets, Please

{Image via Pinterest} Happy Friday! Will you be galavanting to anywhere fun this weekend? Sometimes, I’d think of running away and joining the circus!

{Musings} Summertime! Summertime?

Traditionally, in the United States Memorial Day is the kick-off for the Summer season and although I am all ready for it, the San Francisco Bay Area weather must have not received the memo that warm weather worthy of ice-cold popsicles are supposed to kick-in right. about. now! Regardless of weather it is warm enough […]

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