{Passing Time} Pleasing to the Eyes

Source: ffffound.com via Andrea on Pinterest   Lately, I’ve become a little obsessed about vignettes — mentally capturing little snapshots in my head and savoring the delightful story woven into each image. Now, there’s a board of vignettes that I have just started of little vignettes that I’ve found online as well. Come visit the […]

{Passing Time} Swirly Whirlies Good Times

Recently, our daughter (or The Little Lady as I like to call her) turned the big ONE YEAR OLD and officially became a toddler. To celebrate the occasion, we threw a little birthday bash with close friends and family based on the theme of “Swirly Whirlies” — which included butterflies, pinwheels and lots bright colors! […]

{Passing Time} Playing Around

I’ve been playing around lately with the digital photography on my iPhone 3G (Yes, my iPhone!) using this cool Hipsomatic app. All of the sudden, I started to regret tossing my Holga and Diana cameras away in frustration… Or do I really regret it? Because this neat-o camera app has all the coolness of the results […]

{Passing Time} It’s In The Writing

As a designer, I have that “Art Director” writing that I’ve developed over the years. If you’re a designer, you may know what I am talking about — you know, the one with all caps much like many of those found in architecture blueprints. Over the years, I’ve managed to perfect that way of writing. […]

{Colors & Patterns} Shades of Lemony

Yellow — the color of bright sunshine, citrus scents, happy-go-lucky smiles (you know, the kind that makes you grin from ear-to-ear)… I have a renewed love affair with this luscious lemon color and it’s all because of my obsession with lemon curd for the past couple of years. This past weekend, with the help of […]

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