{Sweet Lovelies} Dropp It!

Your eyes are not deceiving you, this is not a macro image of a milk dropplet. In fact, they’re fruit bowls, which an appropriate name for Dropp! Fruit Bowls designed by Niels Römer. What a fantastic idea to challenge the conventional thinking of what a bowl should look like. I love that each bowl (yes, there […]

{Sweet Lovelies} In Your Pocket

I make lists, lots of list. On little pieces of paper, on business cards, on my iPhone — basically, I make lists everywhere and onto everything. These fun and functional notebooks from Pocket Dept might just curb my loose notes tendency. Better yet, they may just be my idea pad for those “a-ha!” moments when […]

{Sweet Lovelies} Splish, Splash

  In the San Francisco Bay Area, the autumn season involves rain — lots and lots of it. So, an umbrella becomes a part of your go-to accessories for the season. However, the selection for cool looking umbrellas is far and few in between — that is until I laid eyes on these delightful designer […]

{French Friday} Lovely Labels

I’m thrilled to have a guest post today from Julie Garcia. Julie is a fellow designer and Francophile who is a contributor to Simon+Kabuki’s lifestyle blog, Designer Droppings. We have many things in common — including surviving the same rigorous design school program, have a love for all things type-related and both our spouses happen to be […]

{Sweet Lovelies} Pretty Little Globes

I have a fascination with globes and maps, so when I discovered these decoupage antique globes (via Red Tricycle) imagine how giddy I was in seeing all the designs? Pretty cool stuff and I think one of them will make such a great addition to a nursery, don’t you think? {Images from ImagineNations’ Custom Vintage […]

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