Since design school I have carried a sketchbook with me everywhere I go. It’s not your typical format for a sketchbook, but rather a French handwriting book from ClaireFontaine. I found the tight grid that helps little French schoolchildren practice good penmanship to be perfect for my petite sketches of ideas and notes. The paper quality is beyond dreamy (smooth, thick text paper). Sketchbook is a glimpse into my thought process and I hope you enjoy it!

Click the links below to see glimpses of individual sketchbook pages:


{Now, for the little legal note that I must add for copyright reasons: The images, text, artwork, and patterns shared in this blog and sketchbook above is the copyrighted property of Cathe Huynh-Sison and Feterie. Please do not repurpose, repost, or reproduce them for without written permission. Thank you!}

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