2012 PaperCuts Blog Survey

It’s hard to imagine, but the PaperCuts blog will turn 5 years-old this mid-October!  — Woohoo! From it’s humble beginning in late 2007 hosted on Typepad through the renaming of the blog title to it’s current home as part of the Feterie site in late 2008, I never thought that this little ‘ol blog would […]

{Sneak Peeks} Visions of Dancing Colors & Patterns

When you’ve been working on a project and can’t reveal anything until the ideas have been baked and ready for the world to see, it’s a bit hard to keep all the glee and excitement inside without bursting. So, I’m going to compromise and share glimpse of what has been dancing in my pretty little […]

{Spotted} The Fashion Archives

We just discovered a great write up about our eco-luxe wraps on The Fashion Archives! Wow, thank you, thank you, thank you for the sweet words! I’m humbled by all the Feterie love this week! How cool is that?

{News & Events} Passion Is…

  I’m very honored to be featured on Scoutie Girl’s “Passion is…” Monday series post today. Find out how I define what “passion” is and check out the other ladies who I think embodies passion the way that I define it. Speaking of passion, you all know one of my passions are patterns, right? Check […]

{French Friday} Lovely papercuts on PaperCuts

Happy Friday! After breathing a sigh of relief as one of our biggest Atelier projects gets wrapped up and making sure that all of the nearly 5000 invitations are making their way into the mailboxes of their designated destinations across the States, I am finally again able to return to this little blog here and […]

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